We have been building trust for 30 years

Nearly 30 years of experience
in the development and production
of environmentally friendly
cleaning products.


Thanks to the NanoSilver technology you can resign from using chemicals, normally used in households, that are hazardous to health. These chemicals are very often toxic and more harmful than the dirt, dust or microorganisms they remove. More and more often these agents cause various types of allergies, because their impact on our body is long-lasting.
Raypath cleaners clean with just water, which has a neutral effect on human health, and thus they are safe even for those of you who suffer from allergies.

Save time
and money

The NanoSilver technology fastens the cleaning process from 50 to 70% and makes it easier than traditional cleaning. In addition, a one-time investment in Raypath cleaners translates into their many years of service life, and thus in savings in in a broader perspective.
Thanks to our technology, you will save the money you used to spend on chemicals.

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